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To the ones lying under the clear skies

Its been a while since I updated my blog. School has been really hectic with tests and everything. But I always come back to check back on responses J I’ve been wanting to write about our fellow Pakistanis who have and are greatly suffering due to the massive floods that hit Khyber Pakhtunwa, Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. The United Nations has said that the Pakistani floods are worse than the 2004 tsunami with more than 21 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding.

People have lost all that they had. Their homes, crops, animals, their valuables and all the money that they had saved up for years. It is so difficult to imagine their situation while we are safely snuggled up in our homes. Spending countless nights under the clear sky is no joke. My heart wrenches thinking about the 70-year-old kisan(farmer) who has lost not only his family members but also his life long earnings, which he had saved up believing that he would live the rest of his years peacefully.

I get goose bumps when I think of myself in their place. One Eid you are surrounded by your family members, hugging and rejoicing. The kids are happily seen wearing new clothes, their eyes sparkling wit h the excitement of getting eidi. A year later it’s you, some of your relatives are not with you anymore. You don’t have food to eat, clothes are torn and your workplace doesn’t exist anymore. You see kids’ eyes filled with tears. You survived but you can’t believe it.

I salute all the Pakistanis who are surviving and facing this calamity with so much strength, courage and faith. Within seconds when everything is lost in front of your eyes, it is just your belief and faith in Allah that can take you forward.

I dedicate Madam Noor Jehan’s “Aay watan kay Sajeelay Jawano” to my brothers, sisters, to my elders and to the young who are the survivors. You are the epitome of patience, tolerance and endurance. May Allah ease their pain and give them strength to face this challenge.

Some very eye-opening pictures, hopefully they will motivate us to think, feel and do something.


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In the news.

23 September, 2010    

When I read today’s newspaper, I was filled with grief, dismay and disappointment. It’s not that on other days the news makes my day brighter or gives it a positive start. But surprisingly today’s front page news was not about the militant attacks in North Waziristan, it was not about our cricket team making a fool of themselves nor was it about the millions of displaced flood victims. It was about the changes brought about in the budget.   

 Even before the first quarter of the fiscal year has ended, the government has made major changes in the federal budget, increasing defence expenditures by about Rs110 billion and reducing the allocation for development by Rs73 billion”- Dawn   

The government has brought about a Rs109.8 billion increase in the defence budget for a major military operation. It’s sad because instead of devising an efficient rehabilitation and development plan for the millions displaced in the floods, they are concentrating on the militants. I believe that the government should have given priority to the needs of the people of Pakistan first and the ongoing struggle that is going on should have been placed second for you have enough international backing for it.   

 For the affected 20 million people across the country the government has proposed a ‘flood tax’. The aim is towards the “elite” according to the Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.   

The Survivors


 Another disturbing aspect of the news was the fact that the Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj-Gen Athar Abbas completely denied of having any knowledge about the change in the budget and the major increase in defence expenditure.   

General Athar Abbas: The man with no "knowledge" of the situation at hand.


 I mean is it really possible that these documents have passed onto the IMF and this guy has no clue? It seemed as if the general wanted to keep his take and/or involvement in this decision out of the limelight. His statement was, “The increase in defence budget is not in my knowledge and matters related to military operations cannot be disclosed.”   

 One can never really judge or say who or what is the reason behind a certain political advancement or any other government decision for that matter. All we can do for now is to think , reflect and analyze the situation at hand.


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Ali Zafar Shaking up Bollywood!

After Tere bin laden’s roaring success, Ali Zafar is back in action with a bang but of course. He has been signed under Yash Raj banners by Aditiya Chopra for his next film which will be a directorial debut by Ali Abbas Zafar. Pretty similar names! It is believed the film will be a romantic comedy, oh and did I mention his costars are Katrina Kaif and Imran khan! Whoa!  

 The film was first offered to Ritesh Deshmukh who declined the role, I wonder why, but whatever the reason it’s the Pakistani who bags it.   

                                              According to Times of India, “Aditiya Chopra loved Tere Bin Laden. YRF is known to spot talented newcomers.  And as far as the actor Ali Zafar is concerned, the production house may sign him for at least three films.”  

Ali Zafar sharing the details with Daily Express said, “Being offered by Yash Raj Films right after my first film is a great feeling. But I gave my nod after going through the plot and script of the film. It’s a big-budget family movie and I’m being cast for a lead role. The organization will also feature a new face in this film and the auditions are already in progress.”  

On the prospects of his re-locating to Mumbai he said,”There are more avenues and prospects here. So if the God above and the politicians down below permit, I’d love to move to Mumbai. My first home is Lahore. But I’d like to make Mumbai my second home,” he told Times of India.  

It’s a great feeling to see our artists venturing and succeeding across the borders and as far as singer turned actor Ali Zafar is concerned he has immense potential not to mention good looks,so all is left is to wait and   watch how far he goes! All the Best!  

Ali Zafar-The next big thing?


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Karachi is beautiful and mesmerizing.These are just few amazing shots taken by some amazing local photographers.I specially love the beach which  is pretty obvious.



The mesmerizing fountain



The Empress market


Paradise Point


Bird's View


Karachi Beach, Beauty of God


Life by the Karachi beach


Karachi Beach


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Lets Hit the Road!

The city of Karachi is always on the move. From the break of dawn till the time when the night sets in, every nook and corner seems to be hustling and bustling. The day starts in the same fashion and ends in the same. I see men on motorbikes,their heads covered with helmets, on their way to work. People dressed in orange uniforms sweeping the streets, when I don’t see them and the streets are clean I assume they were here early. Students crammed up in vans, but I guess that’s a sacrifice every student without an AC car or a driver has to pay. The fruit seller slowly moves towards all his fellow sellers, that’s where they all stand, everyday.  

The Three Swords


The roads are always filled with vehicles of all sorts and people  of all sorts. Among the most prominent and noticeable is the monkey guy who shoves his lovely companion on your window screen to get some money,then there are  the little kids with vipers, dripping water all over your car, grinning mischievously as you beg them to go away and then there are the vendors trying to convince you to buy newspapers, flowers, tissue papers and even small toys for the kids .Never is there a dull moment.  

The king of the road is the massive four-wheeler public bus, which is seen by some as a boon and by some as a bane. It’s the lifesaver for many including my maid who comes all the way from Sultanabad to my place in just ten rupees. It’s the cheapest and may be rightly considered the fastest mode of transport! Roaring past by the cars, scaring off the people, intimidating the constables, leaving the red light ashamed.  

As much as you criticize,detest or hate the public transport for being poorly maintained,unsafe or just plain huge, it will always be the most commonly used transport. So the point is these bus drivers will continue to race one another no matter how intense the traffic is, so its better to learn how to share the road with these colorfully yet scary vehicles.   

King of the Road


Another character is the ‘rickshaw’ which has biggest personality of all! It’s the only ride which is, as my dad puts it, ‘the three-wheeler’. Take a ride once and you’ll never forget it. I myself have had the (good) fortune of traveling dozens of times. The thing that I learnt was that there is a certain way to get in without hurting yourself! If you would just try to barge in you’d probably be unable to fit or you may be successful like I was but end up getting your shalwar ripped (trust me it happens).The trick is to slide in sideways, perfectly fitting in the narrow opening and voila! You’re in!  

The Rickshaw, the noisiest vehicle in town


I usually traveled in rickshaws for short periods of time, going and coming back from tuitions (yeah blame exams and rising rate of car breakdowns).As much as I detested being seen in one, I secretly realized that every ride that I took was a new and thrilling experience. I used to observe the driver and the interiors immediately, judging by the body language of the driver (usually one foot on the seat) I could tell whether he was a novice or an expert. Other notations, the heart-shaped handles are only seen on new rickshaws; the CNG ones are the most spacious and cost you the same, so beware! And girls should still at an angle that doesn’t allow the Pathan (generally) to ogle at you or you’ll have a bumpy ride!  

Dar mat yet mera Style hai


But no matter what you travel in or where you travel, its important to enjoy the journey rather than being constantly irritated by the traffic or the heat.So have a fun and memorable journey! Aways! 

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A Fresh Start

Welcome all readers!

So this is my very first post. As much as I’d like it to sound formal and close-to-perfect,the reality is my blog will not be working this way its going to be casual and light-hearted.Its not solely based on facts about Karachi or the latest political riot,you have google for that! You’ll get a bit of current affairs,a bit of photography,some elements of  life and a large part will be just random inspirations,thoughts and observations.The reason why I’ve started blogging is that I’m highly bored of just surfing Facebook for hours! Also I wanted to start writing more often,as an A level student i don’t really get time to do so but this is exactly why its a ‘fresh start’.So I am going to try to keep this blog rolling and updated!

So whats new? This year Eid was on 11th September,a controversial date I suppose.People from Pakistan spent it their usual way but I’m sure around the world muslims must have felt a little hesitant to celebrate with full fervor.For the world its a day of mourning and remembrance of their lost ones.Not that we don’t feel their pain but seeing us celebrating would have raised eyebrows.I somehow feel that muslims are misunderstood,but that’s just how I feel.I may be wrong.

Anyways,that’s all for now! I hope you’ll be tuned in for more!



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Hey there!

Hello and welcome! The blog will be up and running soon.
Come back for latest happenings around the city of Karachi!


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