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My cup of tea

My cup of tea.

The kickstart to my mornings. With one cup in the morning for an instant burst of alertness for the mind and body. Without tea my brain doesn’t recover from inadequate sleep nor does it let me leave the house without a feeling of constant regret of not sipping the simmering cup.

My friends seem unmoved by my constant complains of how my morning just isn’t right. That something is missing. Something that completes my day. It’s funny how some very little and insignificant things actually add to the quality of our lives. My chai ka cup helps me through a lot of things.

It’s with me when I’m stressed about my exams. When I need to stay up late to learn the driest chapter in Economics or solving one past paper after another. It’s the driving force that takes me forward. Its my companion  at the time of need, when everyone’s asleep and I’m surrounded by alien concepts and theorems.

My tea is with me when I’m happy. When my family sits together in the evening for a special ‘chai session’ along with something sweet during our family time. Those conversations wouldn’t have been complete without my cup of tea.

It was there at the beach when I watched the sunset with my mother. What a memorable day that was! Eating away the spicy ‘pappar’ we shared a moment full of laughter and love.  Truly timeless.

Here’s to my constant companion for all seasons and all times.


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Eid Already?

2 months and 10 days have seemed to pass by in a jiffy! I still haven’t done anything productive from the little sum of eidi that I gathered on ‘meethi eid’ and now it starts all over again.Personally I’m not a big fan of Eid-ul-Adha or  Bakra Eid for the very obvious reason that I’m not getting eidi. Period.

It’s generally the guys who’re having the fun.The charm of  owning fluffy animals, feeding and cloaking them, oh and the joy of taking them for a walk with all the kids in the neighbourhood in an attempt to distract ‘your fluffy little thing’ from realizing its the last time he’ll ever see the sun again!

Poor thing! Another story that revolves around is that on ‘chand raat’ which is the night before the day of the sacrifice, the goats and cows[etc] see a sword instead of the moon.And thats why they gloat.SERIOUSLY. Who said this? I mean it’s probably just cold out there or the poor guy misses his old place.  Sheeesh!

Also I feel that this Eid is and should be dedicated for the purpose of sacrifice and should not revolve around matching laces with the thread on your A-line shirt or getting every 2.5 sized bangles that you can find in Clifton! Just Saying.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the people who will not let you stay in peace until you know exactly how much each bakra cost.  Indeed with rising inflation and our government’s inability to get a hold on things prices of everything have soared sky-high! You have sugar for Rs70/kg and a thin-one-legged goat for Rs1.25lakhs. Khappay?

Okay so before you think I’m a pessimist I’d just say that Eid is one occasion that unites all muslims and all Pakistanis. And its one day when we can celebrate, rejoice and spread the love rather than being afraid of ‘attacks’ which I’d rather not mention to sour our moods.



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Its one of those moments when you want to cry and laugh at the same time. The feeling when you have happy tears, your folks are proud and you have surpassed beyond any level of expectations. Only when the light seemed dim, when hoping or dreaming seemed useless and when the journey became monotonous rather than memorable..It happened.

I’m Ready. I’m stoked.

Girl From Karachi.


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Still searching for Freedom

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), a notab...

Poet, Politician & philosopher

Today is essentially a public holiday. Few shops are open, almost all schools are closed [with the exception of my school] , the banks are closed and it seems like an extended Sunday. Where Karachi gets a lot of *unannounced* holidays, today’s closure was ‘announced’ and the reason being? It’s what we call IQBAL DAY.

A day dedicated to remember our visionary leader Allama Iqbal whose far-sighted insight paved the way for ‘Land of the Pure’. Where I’ve met many people rejoicing and discussing their plans for the entire day, I am yet to find the person who actually believes and understands the real reason for this ‘public holiday’.  For the reason we have Iqbal Day is not to shop for groceries or complete pending work, its to remember the poet, philosopher and leader Allama Iqbal was.  And if we really reflect upon this, his guidance was for enlightenment, struggle and education, NOT for a lazy day in the middle of the week!

Alas the Girl from Karachi vents in vain. If this post is any good let it enable us to remember, appreciate and thank our leader. Here is his poem ‘Freedom’ which in my opinion is still relevant even after 60 years of Independence.


To my mind those
Days of past are coming
When in the garden was spring
And everyone chirping

Where is such a freedom nowadays
By their own wish one comes and goes

Wound upon my heart is going sore
As upon the tears of dew smiles the flower

That pleasant-seeming picture
That lovely-seeming figure
Prosperous by which
Was my abode

In my home is no more coming
The cry of those who’re humming

Had my freedom been
In the hands of my own!

How misfortunate I am
My own home searching I am!

My friends in their nation
Laying I am in this prison

Spring’s come
Buds of flowers are smiling
In this dark home
About my fate I am wailing

Who in this prison
Will my misfortune listen
I fear that in this nest
Will be my final rest

My garden since I left
This has been my state
Grief with heart is consumed
And heart with grief is consumed

Take this not as a song
O the ones who listen!
Of grief-stricken hearts
This is the sound of a plaint

Free me O warden
From this prison

I am speechless prisoner
Set me free and gain my prayer


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