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Say What?

Gathering thoughts, Enough Said.


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Exponential function showing time constant

Yes.This is that stupid exponential who swears never to touch the x-axis.NEVER.

Yes Its that dreaded time of the year when the young blooded are deprived of their creativity and adventure seeking nature. Forced to stare at books for hours and understand why the derivative of an exponential function will never touch the x-axis takes over. Yes. That was Alevel Maths for you folks.

Its been a really tough week, had my first exam today, it was Economics which went well but i think the worst is yet to come.  It’s also funny how what you know best never really comes in the paper. And that little, dry sub-sub topic is pooped all over the paper! Ugh. Why are there some subjects that we can ace no matter what and some that require soo much effort and even then leave you disappointed.WHY.

Well then, lets figure that out later.  I better get back to my books!

Thats all for now!

This too shall pass.Right?


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