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Off to Boston!

Going for the Harvard Model United Nations which is from the 27th to the 30th of January.

Till then Girl from Karachi bids farewell !


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Whats Next?

Okay so basically I’ve been away. Away for a long time, not because I have lost my passion for my blog. But because there is just so much to do so little time and yes that’s my most recent excuse. School work is overbearing, Alevels is not easy my friends and with the growing pressure to aptly answer ‘what’s next?” which should instantly ring a bell in your mind..?..Which university are you applying to? Yes, its one dreaded question.

As much as I find the application process terrifying, waiting for acceptance or rejection is even worse. The fact that every university has its own specific tests for which people are willing to throw over 25 grand is amazing. For me, either you may assume I’m not taking everything lightly but I happen to believe that things will fall in place in the end. So I choose not spend extravagantly in this regard.

Are you in the jungle?

When I see people giving the SAT over and over [and over] again it’s quite surprising and annoying. All year round people will bug you with their flashcards of 3564 words. Among the lot is the over achiever which isn’t satisfied with a 2080 and would like to hit 2100. The other kind is the disappointed-yet-hopeful one who is ready to get into crossing the 1500 benchmark one last time! So yeah it’s a lot of effort and a lot of money too but then is it really worth it in the end?

I will be pursuing my higher education in Pakistan and often think  that is the education fulfilling and self satisfying enough.Must we always compare it with foreign education or be satisfied that we will never regret it? Or will I become the manual rather than the innovator?


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Farewell twenty ten.

One whole year has passed, yet again, leaving me in shock and awe as to where the time went. Was the year on fast forward or was I too occupied to notice the days change into months. The year was in different in so many ways.  For starters I finally started blogging, something that I always knew I wanted to but didn’t jump into.

Here are some other things I learnt and experienced.

2010:A year of many ups and many downs.

It taught me how to accept defeat and then brought me close to unimaginable victories.

It took people away and then brought new people close.

It changed relationships. Some for better and some for worse.

It opened my eyes to new realities, possibilities and pathways.

It made me realize that the unthinkable is possible. That what is beyond your diameter of wishes may just come true.

It brought me closer to family.

It took me to Lahore! Experiencing the much desired winter and the mesmerizing that fog that I wished to see.

It stirred my emotions with thrills.

It made me want to work harder.

It made my parents proud of me.

Thankyou 2010 even with your highs and lows, You were special.


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