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Because Its my Birthday.

Yes. Today is my birthday, my 19th.

Feels good to be the birthday girl, but its my last year as a teenager. The shield of being a carefree, taking-everything-for-granted period is at its end. What lies ahead are greater challenges yet greater opportunities.The past year has been amazing, i’ve learnt so much and grown so much. But why start the coming year and anything for that matter with pessimism and fear, although teenage years are most definitely the BEST years of one’s life. But it’s best to hope for a bigger and better future.

On that note, Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm 19. I can't believe it.


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Whats Next?

Okay so basically I’ve been away. Away for a long time, not because I have lost my passion for my blog. But because there is just so much to do so little time and yes that’s my most recent excuse. School work is overbearing, Alevels is not easy my friends and with the growing pressure to aptly answer ‘what’s next?” which should instantly ring a bell in your mind..?..Which university are you applying to? Yes, its one dreaded question.

As much as I find the application process terrifying, waiting for acceptance or rejection is even worse. The fact that every university has its own specific tests for which people are willing to throw over 25 grand is amazing. For me, either you may assume I’m not taking everything lightly but I happen to believe that things will fall in place in the end. So I choose not spend extravagantly in this regard.

Are you in the jungle?

When I see people giving the SAT over and over [and over] again it’s quite surprising and annoying. All year round people will bug you with their flashcards of 3564 words. Among the lot is the over achiever which isn’t satisfied with a 2080 and would like to hit 2100. The other kind is the disappointed-yet-hopeful one who is ready to get into crossing the 1500 benchmark one last time! So yeah it’s a lot of effort and a lot of money too but then is it really worth it in the end?

I will be pursuing my higher education in Pakistan and often think  that is the education fulfilling and self satisfying enough.Must we always compare it with foreign education or be satisfied that we will never regret it? Or will I become the manual rather than the innovator?


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Say What?

Gathering thoughts, Enough Said.


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Exponential function showing time constant

Yes.This is that stupid exponential who swears never to touch the x-axis.NEVER.

Yes Its that dreaded time of the year when the young blooded are deprived of their creativity and adventure seeking nature. Forced to stare at books for hours and understand why the derivative of an exponential function will never touch the x-axis takes over. Yes. That was Alevel Maths for you folks.

Its been a really tough week, had my first exam today, it was Economics which went well but i think the worst is yet to come.  It’s also funny how what you know best never really comes in the paper. And that little, dry sub-sub topic is pooped all over the paper! Ugh. Why are there some subjects that we can ace no matter what and some that require soo much effort and even then leave you disappointed.WHY.

Well then, lets figure that out later.  I better get back to my books!

Thats all for now!

This too shall pass.Right?


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Its one of those moments when you want to cry and laugh at the same time. The feeling when you have happy tears, your folks are proud and you have surpassed beyond any level of expectations. Only when the light seemed dim, when hoping or dreaming seemed useless and when the journey became monotonous rather than memorable..It happened.

I’m Ready. I’m stoked.

Girl From Karachi.


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Laugh away Stress!

Stress! A word that I’m sure everyone is familiar with very well! I feel that nowadays everyone feels pressurized by either their work, their lifestyle, some by their families and others by responsibilities, obligations and expectations.I feel that competition is one thing that has led to this, I mean people want the biggest house in Defence, the 2010 model of Civic,the latest Ipad or just simply branded clothes. Its more like bigger is better or the more you pay for it the better the thing is, which is not true.This constant race of acquiring the latest thing first has made our lives stressful. For some it’s not that but the struggle to survive  leads to a stressful life, inflation,unemployment and the fact that in many houses even today there is just one sole bread-winner who has to feel a large family.

Anyways whatever the reasons are I wish people wouldn’t take life too seriously and enjoy the journey that life has to offer. For now here are some *hilarious* clips from the show ‘The real news’ its Saad Haroon’s creation! Awesome stress buster!


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Hey guys! It’s the start of a new month, probably not exciting for many.But to me its more of an achievement sort of thing as my blog has survived Sep! I’ve somehow felt the need to be really formal and serious in my posts but figured that is probably too much to take on by some and just plain boring for some.And  I had to perfectly construct the posts and stuff. SO I’ve decided on officially begin my *Ramblings* category.Basically It’ll be about anything to everything in a very casual way.Mostly it’ll help me to connect more often and post more often! Yay!

At this very moment I’m fretting over the essays that I have to write.Also because our ex-president is on TV. I still haven’t figured the reason,will do in a while. I hope he isn’t bashing the present government because that wouldn’t make him memorable.You see everyone is up to that!

Other than that , I’ve heard about all the latest films being screened on our cineplexes.You probably knew that and so you also know that their pricing isn’t fair. I mean the packet of chips that has existed for centuries and is also the cheapest is for Rs50! I mean seriously I know that whoever is going there can afford to pay so but dude having a profit margin of 100% isn’t really it?

Thats all for now folks! Adios!


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