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Smells like winter

A breeze of cool air, leaves lay on the ground ready to make a crunching sound and the sun setting a little early than usual. It seems that winter is around the corner [I hope!] Karachi hardly sees any winter, with the scorching heat and humidity around more than nine months, karachiites are bound to pray for rain or even cool air for that matter!

I personally love the rain and when everyone is fed up with the unusual rainy days I secretly wish it would last longer stretching over a month, to say the least. Even though we start facing electricity breakdowns and traffic jams lets not forget the feeling of the rain drops on one’s face which are so relaxing and refreshing. Ah! Can’t wait for winters when we might just have a little downpour.

For now lets bear the heat and keep our hopes high!

Tata !


To the ones lying under the clear skies

Its been a while since I updated my blog. School has been really hectic with tests and everything. But I always come back to check back on responses J I’ve been wanting to write about our fellow Pakistanis who have and are greatly suffering due to the massive floods that hit Khyber Pakhtunwa, Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. The United Nations has said that the Pakistani floods are worse than the 2004 tsunami with more than 21 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding.

People have lost all that they had. Their homes, crops, animals, their valuables and all the money that they had saved up for years. It is so difficult to imagine their situation while we are safely snuggled up in our homes. Spending countless nights under the clear sky is no joke. My heart wrenches thinking about the 70-year-old kisan(farmer) who has lost not only his family members but also his life long earnings, which he had saved up believing that he would live the rest of his years peacefully.

I get goose bumps when I think of myself in their place. One Eid you are surrounded by your family members, hugging and rejoicing. The kids are happily seen wearing new clothes, their eyes sparkling wit h the excitement of getting eidi. A year later it’s you, some of your relatives are not with you anymore. You don’t have food to eat, clothes are torn and your workplace doesn’t exist anymore. You see kids’ eyes filled with tears. You survived but you can’t believe it.

I salute all the Pakistanis who are surviving and facing this calamity with so much strength, courage and faith. Within seconds when everything is lost in front of your eyes, it is just your belief and faith in Allah that can take you forward.

I dedicate Madam Noor Jehan’s “Aay watan kay Sajeelay Jawano” to my brothers, sisters, to my elders and to the young who are the survivors. You are the epitome of patience, tolerance and endurance. May Allah ease their pain and give them strength to face this challenge.

Some very eye-opening pictures, hopefully they will motivate us to think, feel and do something.


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A Fresh Start

Welcome all readers!

So this is my very first post. As much as I’d like it to sound formal and close-to-perfect,the reality is my blog will not be working this way its going to be casual and light-hearted.Its not solely based on facts about Karachi or the latest political riot,you have google for that! You’ll get a bit of current affairs,a bit of photography,some elements of  life and a large part will be just random inspirations,thoughts and observations.The reason why I’ve started blogging is that I’m highly bored of just surfing Facebook for hours! Also I wanted to start writing more often,as an A level student i don’t really get time to do so but this is exactly why its a ‘fresh start’.So I am going to try to keep this blog rolling and updated!

So whats new? This year Eid was on 11th September,a controversial date I suppose.People from Pakistan spent it their usual way but I’m sure around the world muslims must have felt a little hesitant to celebrate with full fervor.For the world its a day of mourning and remembrance of their lost ones.Not that we don’t feel their pain but seeing us celebrating would have raised eyebrows.I somehow feel that muslims are misunderstood,but that’s just how I feel.I may be wrong.

Anyways,that’s all for now! I hope you’ll be tuned in for more!



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Hey there!

Hello and welcome! The blog will be up and running soon.
Come back for latest happenings around the city of Karachi!


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