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Here comes Eid!

Its eid, here’s my take on the festival.

Every year there is one special month called Ramzan [read previous post for details]. Throughout the month all Muslims around the world (have to) fast which is one of the pillars our religion, Islam.

Abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk is our way to achieve God’s blessings. The real message behind fasting is to develop enough restraint in ourselves to stay away from things that harm us and others. Not to mention that everybody throughout the country sits with their families, eat at the very same time. This is what Pakistan needs right now.

On a personal note, I was at home throughout the holy month. No school, no college, no tests or exams. Sleeping, eating and praying were on my to-do list. Sadly sleeping dominated all three. And blogging took a back seat ^__^

It seems that the month always starts on a slow note yet ends quickly. However towards its end it brings a lot of shopping sprees and finally with eid comes ‘eidi’ aka money for which all kids are dying for. Mehndi, bangles, late night shopping, lots of mithais and sheer korma are the highlights of Eid-ul-fitr. So enjoy these three days with friends and family.

Here are five things to do this eid:

 1. Visit you relatives:

Yes you have to meet the aunties even though you can’t stand them.Go to those once in a year family affairs to remember the names and faces of those estranged family/ friends. Common, its eid.

2. Limit the Sleep:

You’ve caught up with enough sleep throughout Ramzan, so get your lazy self out of bed and make an effort to offer the eid namaz, catch up with relatives and don’t order food at home, go outside!

3. Give Eidi:

So give your younger siblings, nieces and nephews some eidi to share the love. Money is not the only way give out cupcakes,gifts or hobnob cookies [YUM].

4. Remember the unfortunate :

Whether it’s the flower girl on the street or your maid’s kids, share something personal with them.its their smile that will you inner happiness.

5.Make it count :

I’ve experienced this myself. Every eid is diiferent.with more and mor families moving out of pakistan you will not be sharing eid with the same faces everyday. So make sure to enjoy this eid to the fullest for you never know your job or your marital status may take you places.

So that’s it folks, Enjoy yourselves with food and fun!

Eid mubarak to you and your families!




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Summer of twenty eleven.

Always hope for the unattainable, something close to perfection. Vision the cloud with the shiniest silver lining there can ever be, always see your glass half full with the yummiest mango smoothie which gives you an instant burst of delight and is the cause of many festivals and dances in the plain of Punjab. Why not hope for a drop of rain everyday and be overjoyed when your meteorology department informs you of an upcoming gush. Sigh. I think I was born in the wrong city or the wrong country perhaps, maybe I was meant for a wetter place.

Nevertheless the point is that I am an optimist, maybe not by definition nor according to my mother. Maybe its just that I hope to get what I want, that’s an optimistic outlook right ?

So when I was going through the torturous months of Apr to first week of June studying, learning,running from one tuition to the other and basically stuffing my mind and my mouth out of stress, I always envisioned the perfect summers. Believing that my summers will begin with utmost satisfaction and relief on the day of my last exam and bloom with the late nights and later afternoons. Completing my delicate bubble of hope were the uncountable outings with friends and family.

But like on many occasions, an optimist is left wondering whether too much was asked for? My summers turned out to be same old, with a few differences. Observe.

  • None of my first cousins is getting married this summer which has deprived me of so many encounters and experiences. For instance the numerous nerve-wracking visits to the tailor, the quest to beat the newcomers with our awesome [ read: lacking creativity] dances. Sigh! So many enriching experiences missed.
  • Light or Dark? The ongoing hide and seek with electricity has been consistent in its nature. With the ‘planned power cuts’  visiting twice and thrice a day, the melodious growl of the generator has become a vital part of our lives.
  • University apps. Local universities play a huge role this summer. Start by applying, then hope to clear their specialized test, if your lucky come by for an interview. Then Wait. Meanwhile dread and fret about your future. Simple right ?
  • Food. The only thing that is great about summers is that you have enough time to relish your food without worrying about being late for class. Be it the seasonal mangoes [yes, I’ve mentioned them before], indulging in the pay less-eat more deals that are bound to make you fat or the favourite chocolate ice-cream with two toppings, chocolate chips and chocolate vermicelli. Yes, I had to say chocolate that many times.
So that’s basically it. I’ve also recovered from my writer’s block, hoping to connect more. Till the next post, enjoy your feasts!

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Laugh away Stress!

Stress! A word that I’m sure everyone is familiar with very well! I feel that nowadays everyone feels pressurized by either their work, their lifestyle, some by their families and others by responsibilities, obligations and expectations.I feel that competition is one thing that has led to this, I mean people want the biggest house in Defence, the 2010 model of Civic,the latest Ipad or just simply branded clothes. Its more like bigger is better or the more you pay for it the better the thing is, which is not true.This constant race of acquiring the latest thing first has made our lives stressful. For some it’s not that but the struggle to survive  leads to a stressful life, inflation,unemployment and the fact that in many houses even today there is just one sole bread-winner who has to feel a large family.

Anyways whatever the reasons are I wish people wouldn’t take life too seriously and enjoy the journey that life has to offer. For now here are some *hilarious* clips from the show ‘The real news’ its Saad Haroon’s creation! Awesome stress buster!


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Lets Hit the Road!

The city of Karachi is always on the move. From the break of dawn till the time when the night sets in, every nook and corner seems to be hustling and bustling. The day starts in the same fashion and ends in the same. I see men on motorbikes,their heads covered with helmets, on their way to work. People dressed in orange uniforms sweeping the streets, when I don’t see them and the streets are clean I assume they were here early. Students crammed up in vans, but I guess that’s a sacrifice every student without an AC car or a driver has to pay. The fruit seller slowly moves towards all his fellow sellers, that’s where they all stand, everyday.  

The Three Swords


The roads are always filled with vehicles of all sorts and people  of all sorts. Among the most prominent and noticeable is the monkey guy who shoves his lovely companion on your window screen to get some money,then there are  the little kids with vipers, dripping water all over your car, grinning mischievously as you beg them to go away and then there are the vendors trying to convince you to buy newspapers, flowers, tissue papers and even small toys for the kids .Never is there a dull moment.  

The king of the road is the massive four-wheeler public bus, which is seen by some as a boon and by some as a bane. It’s the lifesaver for many including my maid who comes all the way from Sultanabad to my place in just ten rupees. It’s the cheapest and may be rightly considered the fastest mode of transport! Roaring past by the cars, scaring off the people, intimidating the constables, leaving the red light ashamed.  

As much as you criticize,detest or hate the public transport for being poorly maintained,unsafe or just plain huge, it will always be the most commonly used transport. So the point is these bus drivers will continue to race one another no matter how intense the traffic is, so its better to learn how to share the road with these colorfully yet scary vehicles.   

King of the Road


Another character is the ‘rickshaw’ which has biggest personality of all! It’s the only ride which is, as my dad puts it, ‘the three-wheeler’. Take a ride once and you’ll never forget it. I myself have had the (good) fortune of traveling dozens of times. The thing that I learnt was that there is a certain way to get in without hurting yourself! If you would just try to barge in you’d probably be unable to fit or you may be successful like I was but end up getting your shalwar ripped (trust me it happens).The trick is to slide in sideways, perfectly fitting in the narrow opening and voila! You’re in!  

The Rickshaw, the noisiest vehicle in town


I usually traveled in rickshaws for short periods of time, going and coming back from tuitions (yeah blame exams and rising rate of car breakdowns).As much as I detested being seen in one, I secretly realized that every ride that I took was a new and thrilling experience. I used to observe the driver and the interiors immediately, judging by the body language of the driver (usually one foot on the seat) I could tell whether he was a novice or an expert. Other notations, the heart-shaped handles are only seen on new rickshaws; the CNG ones are the most spacious and cost you the same, so beware! And girls should still at an angle that doesn’t allow the Pathan (generally) to ogle at you or you’ll have a bumpy ride!  

Dar mat yet mera Style hai


But no matter what you travel in or where you travel, its important to enjoy the journey rather than being constantly irritated by the traffic or the heat.So have a fun and memorable journey! Aways! 

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