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Farewell twenty ten.

One whole year has passed, yet again, leaving me in shock and awe as to where the time went. Was the year on fast forward or was I too occupied to notice the days change into months. The year was in different in so many ways.  For starters I finally started blogging, something that I always knew I wanted to but didn’t jump into.

Here are some other things I learnt and experienced.

2010:A year of many ups and many downs.

It taught me how to accept defeat and then brought me close to unimaginable victories.

It took people away and then brought new people close.

It changed relationships. Some for better and some for worse.

It opened my eyes to new realities, possibilities and pathways.

It made me realize that the unthinkable is possible. That what is beyond your diameter of wishes may just come true.

It brought me closer to family.

It took me to Lahore! Experiencing the much desired winter and the mesmerizing that fog that I wished to see.

It stirred my emotions with thrills.

It made me want to work harder.

It made my parents proud of me.

Thankyou 2010 even with your highs and lows, You were special.


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Still searching for Freedom

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), a notab...

Poet, Politician & philosopher

Today is essentially a public holiday. Few shops are open, almost all schools are closed [with the exception of my school] , the banks are closed and it seems like an extended Sunday. Where Karachi gets a lot of *unannounced* holidays, today’s closure was ‘announced’ and the reason being? It’s what we call IQBAL DAY.

A day dedicated to remember our visionary leader Allama Iqbal whose far-sighted insight paved the way for ‘Land of the Pure’. Where I’ve met many people rejoicing and discussing their plans for the entire day, I am yet to find the person who actually believes and understands the real reason for this ‘public holiday’.  For the reason we have Iqbal Day is not to shop for groceries or complete pending work, its to remember the poet, philosopher and leader Allama Iqbal was.  And if we really reflect upon this, his guidance was for enlightenment, struggle and education, NOT for a lazy day in the middle of the week!

Alas the Girl from Karachi vents in vain. If this post is any good let it enable us to remember, appreciate and thank our leader. Here is his poem ‘Freedom’ which in my opinion is still relevant even after 60 years of Independence.


To my mind those
Days of past are coming
When in the garden was spring
And everyone chirping

Where is such a freedom nowadays
By their own wish one comes and goes

Wound upon my heart is going sore
As upon the tears of dew smiles the flower

That pleasant-seeming picture
That lovely-seeming figure
Prosperous by which
Was my abode

In my home is no more coming
The cry of those who’re humming

Had my freedom been
In the hands of my own!

How misfortunate I am
My own home searching I am!

My friends in their nation
Laying I am in this prison

Spring’s come
Buds of flowers are smiling
In this dark home
About my fate I am wailing

Who in this prison
Will my misfortune listen
I fear that in this nest
Will be my final rest

My garden since I left
This has been my state
Grief with heart is consumed
And heart with grief is consumed

Take this not as a song
O the ones who listen!
Of grief-stricken hearts
This is the sound of a plaint

Free me O warden
From this prison

I am speechless prisoner
Set me free and gain my prayer


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