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Summer of twenty eleven.

Always hope for the unattainable, something close to perfection. Vision the cloud with the shiniest silver lining there can ever be, always see your glass half full with the yummiest mango smoothie which gives you an instant burst of delight and is the cause of many festivals and dances in the plain of Punjab. Why not hope for a drop of rain everyday and be overjoyed when your meteorology department informs you of an upcoming gush. Sigh. I think I was born in the wrong city or the wrong country perhaps, maybe I was meant for a wetter place.

Nevertheless the point is that I am an optimist, maybe not by definition nor according to my mother. Maybe its just that I hope to get what I want, that’s an optimistic outlook right ?

So when I was going through the torturous months of Apr to first week of June studying, learning,running from one tuition to the other and basically stuffing my mind and my mouth out of stress, I always envisioned the perfect summers. Believing that my summers will begin with utmost satisfaction and relief on the day of my last exam and bloom with the late nights and later afternoons. Completing my delicate bubble of hope were the uncountable outings with friends and family.

But like on many occasions, an optimist is left wondering whether too much was asked for? My summers turned out to be same old, with a few differences. Observe.

  • None of my first cousins is getting married this summer which has deprived me of so many encounters and experiences. For instance the numerous nerve-wracking visits to the tailor, the quest to beat the newcomers with our awesome [ read: lacking creativity] dances. Sigh! So many enriching experiences missed.
  • Light or Dark? The ongoing hide and seek with electricity has been consistent in its nature. With the ‘planned power cuts’  visiting twice and thrice a day, the melodious growl of the generator has become a vital part of our lives.
  • University apps. Local universities play a huge role this summer. Start by applying, then hope to clear their specialized test, if your lucky come by for an interview. Then Wait. Meanwhile dread and fret about your future. Simple right ?
  • Food. The only thing that is great about summers is that you have enough time to relish your food without worrying about being late for class. Be it the seasonal mangoes [yes, I’ve mentioned them before], indulging in the pay less-eat more deals that are bound to make you fat or the favourite chocolate ice-cream with two toppings, chocolate chips and chocolate vermicelli. Yes, I had to say chocolate that many times.
So that’s basically it. I’ve also recovered from my writer’s block, hoping to connect more. Till the next post, enjoy your feasts!

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Eid Already?

2 months and 10 days have seemed to pass by in a jiffy! I still haven’t done anything productive from the little sum of eidi that I gathered on ‘meethi eid’ and now it starts all over again.Personally I’m not a big fan of Eid-ul-Adha or  Bakra Eid for the very obvious reason that I’m not getting eidi. Period.

It’s generally the guys who’re having the fun.The charm of  owning fluffy animals, feeding and cloaking them, oh and the joy of taking them for a walk with all the kids in the neighbourhood in an attempt to distract ‘your fluffy little thing’ from realizing its the last time he’ll ever see the sun again!

Poor thing! Another story that revolves around is that on ‘chand raat’ which is the night before the day of the sacrifice, the goats and cows[etc] see a sword instead of the moon.And thats why they gloat.SERIOUSLY. Who said this? I mean it’s probably just cold out there or the poor guy misses his old place.  Sheeesh!

Also I feel that this Eid is and should be dedicated for the purpose of sacrifice and should not revolve around matching laces with the thread on your A-line shirt or getting every 2.5 sized bangles that you can find in Clifton! Just Saying.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the people who will not let you stay in peace until you know exactly how much each bakra cost.  Indeed with rising inflation and our government’s inability to get a hold on things prices of everything have soared sky-high! You have sugar for Rs70/kg and a thin-one-legged goat for Rs1.25lakhs. Khappay?

Okay so before you think I’m a pessimist I’d just say that Eid is one occasion that unites all muslims and all Pakistanis. And its one day when we can celebrate, rejoice and spread the love rather than being afraid of ‘attacks’ which I’d rather not mention to sour our moods.



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