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Why I’m interested in cricket, once again.

This year’s world cup was different for me, I wasn’t interested. Somehow I was cynical and pessimistic from the start. I was unaware of the team which would represent us and aloof from the details of the groupings, the score boards, the qualifying rounds. With friends and family around with ‘cricket fever’ I wasn’t inclined to indulge in the excitement.I based my pessimism on the past performance of our team. With life bans, dope tests, match fixing allegations, ball tampering and in discipline exhibited by our players, I was disappointed.

I was being constantly informed that the team was performing extremely well. Then came the much talked about match, Pakistan vs Australia. I was convinced that Aussies would blow our team but to my surprise, it was our ‘boys’ who played extremely well and crushed Australia’s 34 match winning streak.

I then saw Pakistan play against the West Indies, I was hopeful yet again. The performance of the team was unbelievable, everything was in place. it seemed the  team had left no room for mistakes, with their balling, batting and fielding at par. leaving the Indies in shock. I was proud of the team even though the main battle was ahead of us. The match that excites the world, leaves adrenalin pumping and brings emotion into play like never before. It was the ‘final before the final’ India Vs Pakistan playing the Semi Finals in Mohali.

The country was excited,ready and united. With screenings all over the cities, the young and old gathered together to witness the moment. I was happy to see the country united as one.

Unfortunately the result wasn’t in our favor. Pakistan wasn’t on top of its game, with 5 lives spared to Sachin Tendulkar, misfields and dropped catches, along with a weak batting side that wasn’t able to chase a total of 260. We lost the Semi finals to India, but i wasn;t disappointed.

I somehow felt that reaching this far for a team which has seen so many ups and downs was commendable. Shahid Afridi displayed great captaincy and apologized to the nation in the end, for he knew how much it meant to the country. And so I feel that without dissecting and criticizing everything that we saw in the match, we should appreciate the team for coming this far and bringing glory back to the game and the team.


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Hona tha Pyar, hoa meray yaar..

Ah! Its finally here! The first glimpse of the much awaited film ‘Bol’ is here with its first track  “Hona tha pyar” sung by the soulful Atif Aslam of course , who is also playing the lead role in the film.

Bol : Hit or miss?

 Bol will be Shoaib Mansoor’s second film after the very successful  “Khuda Kay liye”.  Starring the singing sensational Atif Aslam and the beautiful  Vj Mahira Khan the film is expected to  create waves and hopefully will lead the way for many more ventures of such sort.

Hadiqa Kiyani

Both these celebs have already established themselves as ‘ icons ‘ for the youth. With Atif Aslam’s immeasurable success in India, singing one hit number after another such as ‘ Tera Hone Laga Ho’ for Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani. Mahira Khan on the other hand received instant appraisal upon entering the media through MTV’s Most Wanted Show. This film has brought two fresh and most talked about faces. All that is left to see is that whether they can go beyond their comfort levels and make it a huge success!

Iman Ali


Regarding the film it is also believed that Iman Ali who was the lead actress of Khuda kay liye will also be seen in the film along with Hadiqa Kiyani and Umamah Abbasi doing a cameo. The film is expected to release in October 2010.   Here’s hoping that the film is a huge success and is able to attract the audiences!


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