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My cup of tea

My cup of tea.

The kickstart to my mornings. With one cup in the morning for an instant burst of alertness for the mind and body. Without tea my brain doesn’t recover from inadequate sleep nor does it let me leave the house without a feeling of constant regret of not sipping the simmering cup.

My friends seem unmoved by my constant complains of how my morning just isn’t right. That something is missing. Something that completes my day. It’s funny how some very little and insignificant things actually add to the quality of our lives. My chai ka cup helps me through a lot of things.

It’s with me when I’m stressed about my exams. When I need to stay up late to learn the driest chapter in Economics or solving one past paper after another. It’s the driving force that takes me forward. Its my companion  at the time of need, when everyone’s asleep and I’m surrounded by alien concepts and theorems.

My tea is with me when I’m happy. When my family sits together in the evening for a special ‘chai session’ along with something sweet during our family time. Those conversations wouldn’t have been complete without my cup of tea.

It was there at the beach when I watched the sunset with my mother. What a memorable day that was! Eating away the spicy ‘pappar’ we shared a moment full of laughter and love.  Truly timeless.

Here’s to my constant companion for all seasons and all times.


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Karachi is beautiful and mesmerizing.These are just few amazing shots taken by some amazing local photographers.I specially love the beach which  is pretty obvious.



The mesmerizing fountain



The Empress market


Paradise Point


Bird's View


Karachi Beach, Beauty of God


Life by the Karachi beach


Karachi Beach


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